Elena Molinos Design
About Elena
My Journey

I was born and raised in Caracas, Venezuela, where I first studied Interior Design and that was when my passion for creating new spaces awoke. As soon as I stepped foot in any place,
regardless of whether it was decorated, unfurnished, or still a blueprint, my intuition and senses guided me in its transformation.

Years later, I did a Master’s Degree in Commercial Design in Madrid, Spain, giving impetus to the international projection of my career. I have ten years of experience in Venezuela and more than twenty-three years in the United States, the country where I live and work. I hold more than just years of experience; I have proudly carried out a large number of projects that have pleased clients, family, and friends.

Throughout the years, I have put into practice what I believe guides my work: interior design must be a reflection of the personality who inhabits that space. Transforming spaces to make them better suited to our lifestyle, tastes, and essence is the spark that inspires and motivates me every day.

When we talk about interior design, we address strengthening the aesthetic values ​​necessary for successful results. Furthermore, I believe that it is not just about transforming spaces, but it is about transforming lives. Creating safe, functional, aesthetic and pleasant environments that transmit emotions and sensations to those who live there are aspects that I am passionate about developing harmoniously with my clients.

While designing, nothing is written and nothing is repeated, because it will always depend on the client, who is unique, as is their own idea of a “dream home” or space, which I give myself
the task of concretizing. It is a real privilege to call “work” a journey that I love; one that fills me with satisfaction and significantly improves the quality of life of those around me.

Passion, creativity, experience and knowledge are my tools, and together with my intuition, the allies that encourage me to give a special touch of life each time I find myself before the blank
canvas of a space. The reward? A smile; the one I see in the faces of my clients feeling at home, rediscovering what suits their lifestyle, and where their “dream” has finally come true.

Will you accompany me on this path?

My Vision

My purpose is to help clients feel happy and fulfilled in their homes and spaces. I accomplish this by creating high quality environments that reflect their values, tastes, and personality, while maintaining the aesthetics and functionality of the environment at all times. In my opinion, a space transmitting emotions and sensations on a daily basis is a form of expression that tells us, “I am here, I am home!”.

By bringing my vision and special approach to each square foot of every project, I sincerely hope to transform lives, contribute to rediscovering an environment, and innovate functionalities better suited to the ongoing development of those who use and enjoy a particular place.

Staging Artist: The transformations I envision are inspired by several different cultures. I research, select, and integrate the appropriate elements, textures, and colors to adapt them to a
particular setting.

Interior Design and Remodeling: My designing and remodeling efforts respond to the needs and lifestyles of clients, while also optimizing areas in an efficient and welcoming manner. I develop
project concepts that create aesthetics and functional designs to deliver a correct balance between style and utility of all the elements.